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Sterling Silver Kyanite Necklace

$ 290.00

A one-of-a-kind statement necklace to bring you strength! The larger gem is a gorgeous rough kyanite.The accent gem is a rough green tourmaline. The gold sections are a 24K gold layer over sterling silver. A charming combination of two precious metal. Our new vermeil+ arrived to give you more options for your perfect look.The peacock freshwater pearls are individually knotted on silk, and the strand is finished with a sterling silver clasp.  The necklace length is about 17”. Design and handcrafted in our silversmith studio in Pennsylvania. Arrives in a lovely jewelry box.

Gem Vibes:

Kyanite never ends cleaning or cleansing. It NEVER accumulates or retains negative energy. It is one of the best attunement stones. It immediately aligns all the Chakras!

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