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Captivating Rainbow Moonstone Pendant

$ 265.00

* Why most women love moonstone? 

* Moonstone vibes carry the energy of new beginnings.Moonstone is a stone of hoping and wishing. It helps you to absorb that which is needed from the Universal energies. Increases your intuitive knowledge enhancing perception and discernment

* This pendant moonstone is a gorgeous rainbow moonstone. It is set in prongs on .925 sterling silver, which reflects its radiance all around you.

* The upper free-form element, with its accent gems accentuate the rainbow moonstone. The accent gems are a citrine, labradorite, and garnet. A gorgeous combination of gems, vibes, and movement to make you shine!

* Constructed with care for durable and lasting wear.

* All gemstones are naturally formed. The piece is a one-of-a-kind, designed and hand-crafted in our silversmith studio in PA.

* The pendant is signed and arrives safely in your hands in a lovely jewelry box.

Ships in 3 business days.

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