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Sterling Silver Owl Bracelet

$ 160.00

Beautiful sterling silver bracelet with Athena's Owl symbol and amethyst accent. The entire piece is hand-crafted in our silversmith studio in PA. The bracelet total length  is about 8". the clasp is a super strength magnet which makes it easy to put it on with one hand. Different length can be made to fit your needs. Just make sure you add it to the order. Ships in 10 business days and arrives in a lovely jewelry box. Bracelet is accompanied by symbol description and the piece is signed by the artist.

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Symbol Meaningfulness

Athena's owl is a symbol for those who can perceive life events beyond physical appearances.

Athena, the Goddness of Wisdom is the feminine expression of courage and wisdom. The symbol originally Greek dates from circa 330 BC.. In Greek mythology, Athena is the goddness of war, civilization, wisdom, strength, strategy, crafts, and justice. She is the virgin patron of Athens who was born, fully armed, from the head of Zeus. The Parthenon on the Acropolis was built in her honor. Minerva, Athena's Roman incarnation embodies similar attributes.