A World of Creativity and Honest Craftmenship Unde One Small Roof
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Your Dream Forged in Silver

Sometimes you want a piece of jewelry that is really special. That’s when you need a commission piece.

Commission pieces are an important part of our business. Sometimes customers come into the shop with an idea, and we work together to develop what they envisioned. Other times, they dream of something special made from a meaningful gem they inherited. These customers trust they will find help when they come into our shop—and they are never disappointed.

We opened our business in 2000, where Marcia’s sculpturing background and 37 years of experience have been serving our community ever since.

Really Hand-Crafted for You

When we say we create and handcraft each piece, we mean it. Some of the silversmith work is forged layer by layer, while some is carved in wax and cast in silver throughout a process called lost wax casting. Each design and finished work is entirely handcrafted in house. At our silversmith studio, we create and handcraft each part from scratch.

That’s why our customers proudly say they have an original “really” handcrafted piece! Here are samples of work specially created for customers.



To have your Dream Forged in Silver contact marcia@bymarciabyhand.com